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BPO Companies Should Consider a Four Day Work Week Schedule

The 4-day work week option is receiving news attention lately because the government wants to implement the said work schedule. Under the arrangement the work week will be reduced to four days from Monday to Thursday or from Tuesday to Friday however, the working hours will be increased to 10 hours. 

Imagine if this will be implemented in the call center industry will it work? I think it would be awesome since, it would mean more time for us to sleep and we will have additional time for friends and family. Would it have some drawbacks? 

Luckily two of our members had a first-hand experience with the said type of work arrangement which could answer the question above. See their stories below.

Company 1: Dell Consumer Technical Support  
Details: Our team was chosen as a pilot for the 4 day workweek schedule. To cover the 40 hours per week requirement; we were required to work 4 x 11 with 1 hour lunch and three 15 minute breaks. To prevent stress and fatigue the plotted scheduled days were Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Off, Thursday Friday, Sat-Sun Off. 
Outcome: It appears that eleven hours of shift per day for taking in calls would be tiring, but come to think of it once you report for your first day, the next will be your last day of work that is if you have the same plotted schedule as above. The Wednesday shift served as a breather because taking in calls for 9 hours and 15 minutes was exhausting. The four day workweek schedule project did not materialize because our team's stats was down. AHT was high specially during the last hour of the shift, it's possible that some employees were dragging the call longer to relax due to a tiring shift.

Company 2: Thomson Reuters
Details: The role of the team is to monitor servers; to strategically distribute manpower two types of schedule were provided first 3x12 and second is 4x11. The 3x12 schedule has four days off and the plotted days are Sat, Sun, Mon. For the 4x11 shift it’s Tuesday to Friday.
Outcome: Both teams were happy with the schedule because it’s always like a long weekend. Some members of the team who were college undergraduates were able to finish their studies however; due to some reasons it appears that the said schedule is no longer available.

We tried to search for other companies that offers a 4 Day workweek schedule and we came across with this job posting from Jobstreet for Planwell Technologies.
Willingness to participate in the provision of 12-hour 4-on and 4- off 24x7 shifting for support services.

The success of the 4 day workweek rule in the BPO Industry might  depend on the account that you are currently in. If the system would be fully implemented in the BPO sector it would mean better work life balance for the employees and a chance to continue studies. The other benefits of having the said work rule is that, it could increase job satisfaction, productivity and the most important thing is, it would make the employee's happy. 

Do you think that 4 day work week rule would be beneficial if fully implemented in the BPO sector? Please share your experience if your company has applied the same work rule so that other employees would have an option in case they are looking for companies that offer the said policy. 

photo credit: Josh Angehr via photopin cc


  1. Our company has been implementing a 4-day work week (10 hours per day) schedule for more than a year now and we're very happy to have 3 straight RD's.

    1. Csn you help me to create 4 by 11 schedule for 5 employee. Its should be a 24hrs coverage


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