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Signs That You Might Lose Your Job in the Call Center Industry

Working in the call center industry could give you a fruitful career however in this industry we are also vulnerable to losing our job. During my 9 years stay in this industry I have encountered two (2) company acquisitions and one (1) employee lay off. Listed below are some of the signs that I have observed before losing my job. 1. Too much avail time – We know that avail time is awesome because it’s one of the moments where we can relax and make ourselves free from stress however, too much avail time is a sign that you are about to  lose your job because less call means less revenue for the company. Avail time is acceptable if it's a Holiday on the country where support is offered however, if you are working in a call center without calls then think again  because you are not working in the government sector where doing nothing is normal in most offices. 2. The calm before the storm – Before you get axed you would feel this silent treatment. The management seems to be s

List of Companies with Google Account

Last week we have posted the current job positions for Google Philippines, it shows that as of this time the tech giant is looking filling up  management positions. Hopefully, once the largest search engine filled up the said positions they would start hiring entry level and senior level employees.  We decided googling companies that supports Google’s different line of services in case you might be interested to know how it feels supporting Google's products and services. 1. Cloud Sherpas – a service firm for cloud computing and a two-time Google Enterprise Partner of the Year for Google Apps. Cloud Sherpas has helped over 5,000 customers adopt, manage and enhance cloud solutions for Google. Type of Company: IT Support Services Position: Google Production Support Analyst and Google Apps Developer Responsibilities: Solve both internal and customer related technical support cases Proactively stay up to date with all the latest technologies concerning Google products and

Google Philippines Eyes Hiring More Employees: See the Job Vacancies and How to Apply

Google the world's number one search engine was awarded by Fortune Magazine as the 2014 “Best Company To Work For.”  It has been on the top of the list for five times. ABS-CBN reports that Google will continue to hire employees for its Philippine office due to confidence on the country’s economic growth. Julian Persaud, the managing director for Google South East Asia said that “We are very positive about the Philippines. From a marketing perspective and from an investor’s perspective, Google is very bullish on the Philippines that’s why we continue hiring people,” Persaud also said that ““We’re very pleased with the progress, and we’re excited about the opportunities in the Philippines because we know it’s an important market for the region. It’s [Philippines] still very solid in terms of its growth rates in much several areas, and in terms of consumer adoptions.” We decided to search the current Job Postings for the Manila site and we were surprised with what we found

Movie Teaser Video: English Only Please

English Only Please is a movie about a foreigner who's seeking for a tutor to teach him how to speak in Filipino language. The movie will be shown on December 25, 2014 starring Derek Ramsay and Jennylyn Mercado. As part of the call center industry I had a great time watching the movie teaser. To get the job you need to translate the words below; "Hi liar, you are a sl*t, you are the worst most ridiculous thing that ever happened to me. You are a lying cheating gold digging b***." See the Funny Youtube clip below and check how Jennylyn Mercado nailed it. We all now that call center employees are having a hard time to follow the English Only Policy rule in the workplace. EOP is second on our list of things that I have learned while working in the call center and most of us can relate to it. If you missed our article about What I Have Learned click on the link below; My wife wants us to w

Glorietta’s House of Glow Fiasco

It’s that time of the year again where we dress up our kids for the “trick or treat” activity; as a parent who were born in the 80’s I want my kids to experience the yearly event because during my childhood days we don’t practice the said activity.  When I was a kid I always have that desire to go on “trick or treat” the idea was introduced to me by the movie E.T., who doesn’t want free candies right?  Though “trick or treat” did not make it during the 80’s and 90’s, I didn’t feel bad because my yearly October and November childhood days were spent flying a kite. Yesterday’s “Get Your Glow On” event at Glorietta Mall turned out to be a frustration for some parents because it appears that it’s much disorganized. It all happened after they fail to give out the loot bag “A Bucket  Full of Glow” which was scheduled from 10AM-12NN. According to some parents they have already anticipated the number of participants so, they showed up to the event early to ensure that they will be able