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Call Center Pick Up Lines

Still single? Check out the call center pickup lines that we got online and maybe you would be able to score a date by Monday. Pickup line about headset. For the metrics where the targets keeps on getting higher and higher until it becomes unattainable. I'm sure 90's kids and below would relate.  Call Center Virgins will understand.   Aircon moves. Because it's difficult to find a TL during escalation.  Not all pickup lines are cheezy in nature there are pickup lines that trolls the other person. If you have something to add please let us know via the comments section. 

Minsan Ikaw Memes With a Call Center Twist

After the Princess Sarah Memes craze here comes the new trend in Social Media and it’s the “Minsan Ikaw Memes”. Here’s a list of Minsan Ikaw memes that call center employees can relate to. 1. For your immortal colleague that speaks loud while talking to the customer. 2. To your colleague who jumps up and down of the queue. 3. For your colleague who looks for a 'walk' and loves to be 'walked'. 4. Another one for your colleague who get's "disconnected" a lot.  5. It's a good shift if you will be able to log out on time.  6. For your colleague who keeps on sharing stories about his/her ex for the nth time.  7. For your colleague who keeps on asking the same question but doesn't follow your suggestion.  In case you missed some of the original "Minsan Ikaw" Memes we have decided to get some of the best from Gio Miniano's Page  So which one is your favorite? If you