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Top 10 Moments of Call Center Employees

While being employed in a call center you would experience different scenarios and situations which can make you feel  that being employed in this industry is one of the best thing that happened to you. Our lists below would  prove it.

10. That moment when Avaya or Cisco phone went down. Then after a few minutes the issue was resolved by the local IT.
Don’t we get excited when communication issues arise causing the telephony system to go down? This would mean more avail time for us and getting paid while doing nothing. We are happy because we all deserve a good break after an exhausting call. However most of the time we get disappointed once the telephony issues got solved right away because we are back in talking to some irate customers. 
My Experience: Way back 2006 there was a strong earthquake in Taiwan that caused communications to go down due to damaged seabed cables.  As a tier 1 rep all of us were happy because we were sent home early but still got paid in full.
9.  The moment when a customer impressed you with their phonetic skills.
Employee: Is that N for Nancy?
Cx: No N for envelope.
Employee: (mutes his phone and laughs with his colleague) Then thinks of a rebuttal what if I replied D as in double-U (W). We then go back to the client speaking  with a friendly tone as if nothing happened because we understand some customers could be a good  ice breaker conversation.

 This is how you and your colleague would react to the customer's phonetic skills.
8. Running to make sure you won't be late.
Forget Filipino time because we run as fast as we can to ensure that we will be able to log in on time. A late log in means saying goodbye to your attendance bonus or worst someone might be using your workstation.
7.  That moment when tools are running slow.
When tools are running slow, we need to make the mandatory How's the weather there? conversation to avoid dead air. 

6.  Trying to ask your L2 or manager for a sup call.
Scenario: You are having a hard time fixing a weird issue or dealing with a difficult customer your only hope is your supervisor. As soon as you stand and begins to approach them, they are gone to take their cigarette break, Team Leader meetings, what have you and yada yada yada's. Some managers would decline escalation because you need to learn de-escalation skills.
Employee: TL, I tried everything can you please take this escalation?
(See your TL / Supervisor's reaction below) 

5. Receiving a granny call.
Most of the time a senior citizen call would take longer than usual, we would want to avoid it as much possible because it increases our AHT. The good thing about them is that they are generous in giving you a commendation. 
4. Unexpected training and avail time.
There's a new policy update and your manager announced that everyone needs to be in training. If you are still on call after your manager announced it I bet you will use all the powers that you have to end your call. We celebrate and feel relieved if its avail because being off the phone for a while means getting off the battle field.   
3. Over break and too much ACW.
It's normal to get over break sometimes but don't do it often because it would affect your adherence metrics. Too much ACW (After Call Work) would also add up to your AHT. Aside from affecting your metrics your manager and the workforce team would also ping you. On some centers the workforce team would even use a megaphone to get the attention of the employee that is on over break. 

2.  Putting the customer on hold to do "research".
Sometimes we put the customer on  hold even though we already know answer to the customer's concern. I won't blame you for that because we need to take a breather. 

1. Getting a call 1 minute before you log out.
It's the final day of the work week you are now planning on how you will spend your day off, your hands are ready to press that log out button and then boom a call comes in. You're now doing the same opening spiel that you have been doing for the past 8 hours and you see all of your team mates rushing out of the office after they have pressed the log out button also, your manager sent you an instant message that you can reach to other managers on the floor in case the call got escalated. 

Do you have any call center employee moments that we miss? Head on to the comments section so that we can discuss and maybe we can extend the list. 
photo credit item 4: sun dazed via photopin cc


  1. I could relate to this...

  2. YUng tumatakbo kala mo wala nang bukas. Pero sayang nga naman ang Attendance Bonus 3k din yun.

  3. Yung may two minutes kpa pra mglogin sa citrix tas pgbukas ng pc mo kelangan mgrestart uli pra mgupdate... wahaha...late login tas pupunta kay TL/Manager.. hay buhay

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