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What I Have Learned

Here's a list of things that I have learned while working in call center Industry.  I hope you enjoy it.  1.    ACW – we know that ACW means After Call Work but for married guys ACW means ATM Captured by Wife.                                                                           source 2.    EOP – English Only Policy? Hell no, it’s English O Pinoy, English or Pabulong. I think this is the most ridiculous policy ever still, according to our company EOP can enhance our communication skills. I don’t know why I’m having a hard time to follow the EOP rule but as soon as you give me a headset and an issue I could do EOP all day long. And the funny thing is most of the time if you speak in other language like French or Spanish it could go unnoticed or they won’t care at all but, once you say something in the native language a warning is given. {source} 3.    No carpet No English Policy – we could only speak in Tagalog if there’s no carpet. 4.    I have learned that the m

Sitel Open House All Saturdays of October

Sitel Philippines is in need of Customer Service Representatives and Technical Support Representatives. Join us today and help us deliver world-class experiences. *Project bonus applies to agent hires of a selected project account only. *Open House schedule is from 12PM-6PM.

Must See: Inspiring Video on How to Uplift a Person

See the powerful message that this all women band from Texas has created. Some BPO employees can learn from the video specially if you are coaching someone. Here's the description from their Youtube Channel. We recently asked women how they felt when they looked in the mirror. As you can see, we didn't like the answer, so we decided to help change it. "ENOUGH" looking in the mirror with such a critical eye. "ENOUGH" of that negative voice we hear in our heads. "ENOUGH" letting the world tell us who we should be. How's your last coaching session was it uplifting did your manager focused on your faults rather than your strength?Share your experience remember sharing is caring.

Funny Call to a Radio Station, Reebok or a Nike

Listening skills is one of the most important talent that you need to have if you want to be a successful call center employee. Having the said skill has a lot of benefits because your customer would feel that they are being heard and they don’t have to repeat the same information twice. What if you have fully understand the caller's need but can’t understand what he wants? If that's the case the it's time that you use probing questions and put yourself in your customer’s “shoes”. Listen how the DJ from Dominican Republic figured out the caller’s need.

NEWS Video: Call Center Agent Stabbed to Death

GMA's 24 Oras reporterd a 27-year-old call center agent named Norlan Cielo Mercado died from 18 stab wounds in the head, back and chest. According to reports the victim added a man in his Facebook account before his death. No signs of forced of entry was seen on the room where the victim's body was found. See the Youtube video below with reports from GMA News's Steve Dailisan; source:  

The Fault in Our Stats A Story of Employees on PIP (Spoof)

From the frontline employee to site director each one of us has stats that we need to keep up. The photo below that was shared trough Facebook caught our attention because it has a very good sense of humor.  Out of the 23,000 members of the Facebook group it only registered 13 likes and 2 comments.  We think that the photo just needs additional information for it to gain much attention. We decided to spoof the plot of the movie so that we can at least relate to it. source Jane, a 23-year-old call center employee under Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) hesitantly attends the re-training for employees under PIP at her TL's request. During the re-training, Jane meets a 24-year-old call center employee named Robert who's working from a different account, his hobby of reading manga online while on a call caused him a PIP. The two bond immediately after the training and Robert invites Jane to his house where the two bond over a movie and their experiences with PIP.  Bef

BPO Companies Should Consider a Four Day Work Week Schedule

The 4-day work week option is receiving news attention lately because the government wants to implement the said work schedule. Under the arrangement the work week will be reduced to four days from Monday to Thursday or from Tuesday to Friday however, the working hours will be increased to 10 hours.  Imagine if this will be implemented in the call center industry will it work? I think it would be awesome since, it would mean more time for us to sleep and we will have additional time for friends and family. Would it have some drawbacks?  Luckily two of our members had a first-hand experience with the said type of work arrangement which could answer the question above. See their stories below. Company 1: Dell Consumer Technical Support   Details: Our team was chosen as a pilot for the 4 day workweek schedule. To cover the 40 hours per week requirement; we were required to work 4 x 11 with 1 hour lunch and three 15 minute breaks. To prevent stress and fatigue the plotted sc

Comparison of Recent and Previous BPO Earnings

While we are still waiting for media to release the latest results of top grossing BPO firms in the Philippines. We have created an excel sheet to compare the previous and recent BPO revenue reports. Comparison of Recent and Previous BPO Earnings sources: Recent Revenue as Reported by ABS-CBN Previous Revenue as Reported by Interaksyon As we can see Accenture ranked 1 st twice in a row while Convergys ranked 2 nd .  The highest climber in terms of position and revenue was 24/7 which climbed from number 18 to 4 and a revenue increase of Php5.33 billion. We won’t go on to details about the position since the most important thing to look at is the revenue. If we check on the revenue of Aegis it was down, from the looks of it this could be the reason why they sold the business to Teleperformance. We can also see that Stream was down in terms of revenue it was swallowed by Convergys this year.  We will update the excel sheet above once new reports come in. Checki

Which BPO Company Landed in the Top 5 Most Preferred Employers in the Philippines?

Accenture emerged as one of the Top 5 Most Preferred Employers in the Country. To answer the question “Which companies do most Filipinos dream of working for and why?”  Jobstreet conducted an online survey and it shows that San Miguel Corporation (SMC) the only local company in the list emerged as the Most Preferred Employer. Multinational corporations like Nestle Philippines, Procter and Gamble Philippines, Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines then Accenture, the only company that offers technology services and outsourcing company that's included in the list.  See the additional info below based on Jobstreet's Website: Why were these companies picked? It’s about the money… According to the survey, salary is the foremost reason why candidates want to work for these companies. This is across all position levels, from fresh graduates to managers. The more experienced candidates chose benefits as their second preference when selecting an organization to work for. In a

Bank Of America Continuum Philippines to Close site in October

A friend speaking on condition of anonymity stated that  Bank of America Continuum Inc, (BACPI) a non-bank subsidiary of Bank of America that provides back-office support will close its Taguig site this October. Employees are paid till November however, the calculation for redundancy or separation package was not revealed. The job cuts have been announced since April 9, 2014 still, it was not announced that closure will happen this October. According to source  the company wants to simplify its global operations. source Last year, Reuters reported that Thomson Reuters decided to cut 3,000 jobs in order to reduce costs, the number of employees in the Philippines affected by the job cuts was not revealed. source February this year, Inquirer reported that JPMorgan will cut 8,000 jobs to keep expenses down. Based on the guest comment “The mortgage LOB of JPMC in Taguig already rolled out the job cuts intended for 2014 last Dec 2013. Total number of jobs to be cut = 2000. Se

AEGIS Malaysia Apologizes over Video about Philippines

After badmouthing the Philippines in their marketing video that states that Malaysia is way better than our country. Aegis Malaysia has apologized via their Facebook Page. Here's the text version of the post: “Aegis says – Since the acquisition of People Support in 2008, Philippines has been a catalyst for Aegis’ growth. We would like to articulate that Aegis has had a wonderful experience in the Philippines – great clients, a great leadership team and above all great employees.     We regret the upload of the recent video in Malaysia. The video was developed locally by an agency and uploaded in error and the contents were NOT approved by Aegis Corporate. We are a global company and strongly care about the broader communities in which we operate and are fully committed to both diversity and inclusion. We would like to reiterate that Aegis has had a great experience in the Philippines and this has been one of the the keys to our success.     We apologize and regret any comm

5 Videos You Need to See Before Working in a Call Center

Most people want to work in a call center because of the assumption that employees who are working in the BPO industry earns a lot. This may be true for some companies however; the salary would be based on the years of experience and the complexity of work. If you have not been employed in a BPO industry we envy you since you have been living a "normal life" and you have not encountered being shouted at by angry customers on a daily basis. For us who's already inside the industry the videos below are source of good laughs. If you still want to pursue working in a call center we suggest seeing it to learn more on what we deal with every day. 1.  First, if you want to get  in you need to prevent interview boo-boos  watch the video entitled "Funny Call Center Job Interview Questions and Answers". 2. So you have prepared for the interview and were able to get in. It's time for your first call if you are assigned as an outbound specialist there&

Trending: Top 8 Randy Orton Vines

This is posted under our Aux Avail section, it's a category of the site where we post things that we can enjoy while taking a break. See what happens after a series of fail videos and WWE stars were put together.  1. Randy Orton vs Model . 2. Randy Orton vs Soccer Player. 3. Randy Orton vs Biker. 4. Never let Randy Orton visit your Wedding. 5. Randy Orton vs Random Woman. 6. Randy Orton vs a Guy Trying to Back Flip.  7. On a boat.  8. RKO vs. Skateboarder.

List of BPO Companies that are Prepared During Unsafe Conditions

Here's a list of BPO companies that we know of that enables  Business Continuity Plan (BCP) or providing hotel accommodations during emergency situation or extreme weather conditions. DELL Philippines Inc - Proactively sends a communication to employees asking of their status and advising to contact their respective manager for update. ADP - BCP is done by asking the employees if they would like to stay in return a hotel accommodation is prepared and a whole day free meal.  Thomson Reuters - Also sends a proactive communication to employees, BCP is enabled by routing calls to other centers located in different parts of the world. The company also provides hotel accommodation.  ACS Xerox - Provides hotel accommodation in MIDAS, Heritage and Tunes Hotel for stranded employees with meals. Citibank ROHQ - Sends SMS informing employees about work suspension. VXI - Informing trainees that class has been cancelled. Also gives weather updat

Trending Call Center Memes During Flood

During extreme weather conditions Facebook and Twitter will be flooded by flood related memes which call center employees can relate to. See what we have collected so far below from the #immortal 1. This All of Me message to the supervisor. 2. This Frozen related message to the supervisor. 3. This thumbs up sign while submerged in flood. 4. This meme informing the manager that he's on the way. 5. The Impossible reference. 6. This guy crossing flood waters. 7. This guy trying to call his supervisor or workforce so as not  to be tagged as NoCallNoShow (NCNS). source 8. This scuba diving outfit. source