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BPO Employees Must Watch These Funny Viral Videos That Happens in the Workplace.

A call center employee is making waves online after posting funny and creative call center videos that captures the difficulties of working in the call center or BPO industry.

The fan page are earning a lot of followers because each one of us can relate to the videos that he created samples are receiving a prank call, asking your TL for sup call or worst getting an irate caller.

The videos were posted in the Facebook Page Juzkding and as of this writing the entertainment page have more than 8,800 followers. We had a chance to talk to the creator of the page and during our little chit chat conversation here’s what we found out.

First of all he’s not Allan Soriano the guy who went viral online after posting a series of prank call videos last 2013 targeting call center employees and allegedly including stars like Daniel Padilla and Enrique Gil. Allan was even featured in GMA News TV's program IJuander. Check out the video below.Note: We did not create the title of the video.
Our featured employee is based in Cebu working for Lexmark Shared Services Center.

As of the moment he wants to keep his real name private and we can call him Kiddie.

He has posted 12 viral videos on his page and we decided to get the top 5 videos based on the number of views and shares. Check out the videos below.
Stress is very common in this type of industry and there are times that we have to literally drag ourselves out of bed to get to work.

I think a good working environment and a person with positive outlook towards work like Kiddie could make us stay in our job because, people like him could always brighten up our day and makes us realize that work is not just doing things for money. I guess what I'm trying to say is, most of the time it's the people that we work with that makes us stay in this industry.

So what do you think about his videos share your thoughts on our new comments section? Also you can show your love and support to Kiddie by following his Entertainment Page JuzKding.


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