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Top Call Center Memes of 2014

Here’s the collection of the best call center memes for 2014.

10. Thor Meme – We have seen a lot of Thor Memes like Sari-Sari S-Thor, Thoron, Thorumpo.  Here’s a Thor Meme with a call center twist.

9. Frozen Message to Manager during Storm.

8. Dawson Creek Meme

7. Evil Toddler Meme

6. South Park Meme
Credits to Facebook Page Call Center Philippines
5. John Lloyd Meme

4. Flood Meme

3. Call Center Girl Meme

2. Princess Sarah Meme

1. Call Center Meme via 9gag though it’s not funny but, it’s right to the feels.

BONUS: Check out the funny Prank Call Video Below by clicking on the Play Button

Which is your favorite call center meme? If you have anything to add we have now enabled the img tag on the comments section, to reply with an image just type in [img]http://theurloftheimage[/img]. 


  1. Very funny post for those working in call centers. As a matter of fact, I once worked in a call center and I really understand the plight of those working there now. I saw a similar funny article related to call centers which I would like to share here

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  3. next day you awaken and also you start to be concerned - when do I call and what do I say?

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