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List of BPO Labor Cases Listed on the Decisions Page of NLRC

We have created a list of BPO labor cases which are listed on the NLRC decisions page for NCR dated January – September 2013.  See the mandate of NLRC based on their website.

The National Labor Relations Commission is a quasi-judicial body tasked to promote and maintain industrial peace by resolving labor and management disputes involving both local and overseas workers through compulsory arbitration and alternative modes of dispute resolution. It is attached to the Department of Labor and Employment for program and policy coordination.
Case NumberDateCompanyEE WonDISMPDF Link of the DecisionX
NCR-10-15723-121/30/13Teleperformance Philippines1
NCR-08-12866-125/13/13KGB PHILIPPINES1
NCR-01-01143-135/28/13INFOSYS BPO LTD.1
NCR-10-15505-125/29/13VXI INC.1
NCR-07-10947-125/30/13PREMIER BPO INC.1
NCR-08-12908-125/31/13WNS GLOBAL SERVICES PHIL.1
NCR-09-14259-126/10/1324/7 CUSTOMER PHILIPPINES, INC.1
NCR-09-13694-126/14/13GENPACT PHILIPPINES1
NCR-09-14104-126/17/13ACCENTURE, INC.1
NCR-10-15084-126/27/13VXI GLOBAL HOLDINGS INC.11
NCR-10-14984-126/28/13APAC CUSTOMER SERVICE, INC.1
NCR-09-13586-127/19/1324/7 CUSTOMER PHILIPPINES, INC.1
NCR-08-12153-129/24/13VXI GLOBAL HOLDINGS, INC.1
NCR-08-12665-129/25/13INGRAM MICRO PHILS.1

We were able to gather a total of 29 cases and it shows that 15 cases were in favor of the employee and 15 for the company. The x column means the number of labor cases found against the company based on the decisions page. We have tagged some decisions as 1 1 if we feel that both parties have won the case example case NCR-01-00955-13. You can click on the link below "PDF link to the Decision"  column to see the document.

Below are the cases where the decisions contain a different case or a broken link, we were not able to determine the outcome of the cases below.  We were able to verify if the case is BPO related by using the Track Your Case option located on the website.

1.   - vs -
Case Number: NCR-01-01053-12
Filed on: Jan. 18, 2012
Current status: DISPOSED
2.   - vs -
Case Number: NCR-12-18652-12
Filed on: Dec. 28, 2012
Current status: DISPOSED
3.   - vs -
Case Number: NCR-09-13948-12
Filed on: Sep. 18, 2012
Current status: DISPOSED

The list above could serve as a guide in case that you want to file a case against your company. If you feel that you have been illegally dismissed you can consider going to NLRC to file a complain.
Take note though that this could take a lot of time one of the decisions that we have read was dismissed (NCR-01-01638-13) due to lack of interest.

Note: Some of the cases might have some appeal so it's possible that the decisions might have overturned. Not all cases have the same output,  your case might have different result since every case has distinctive traits which has it's own merits that should be checked by a legal professional.



  1. Hi, we need advise. My wife was absent for 1 week because of sore eyes (acute viral conjictivitis). Feb 6, my wife submitted medcert to her supervisor that she'll be absent. It was indicated in the medcert that my wife is fit to work Feb 17. My wife constantly texts her supervisor and calls in to the sick hotline everyday during her absence. During her absence, she received Return to Work Order even if her supervisor is fully aware that my wife is per policy. You will not send RTWO notice if an employee advises the employer about her absence and the supervisor was fully aware of her situatuon. As per HR, the supervisor was the one that requested to send RTWO. Based on the letter, the dates of MIA of the employee is Feb 6,7,10 (9,10 RD). Because of the RTWO, my wife's salary was put on hold for 2 cut-offs (1 month) and is causing us a lot of financal issues. We would like to file a labor complain/case. How do we go about that?
    Will we have to pay attorney's fee or is there a way that we get free service.

    1. Ryan Please call the number below they offer free legal assistance to call center employees.
      The BPO Workers' Organization HOTLINE is Landline No. +632-5454970 and Mobile No. +639335420540 (Look for Ms. Malu)

    2. even though your wife has informed her Supervisor she has to call their sick hotline

  2. Hi! Can I file a complaint in DOLE, if I still haven't received my back pay? I resigned Oct 2014, finished clearance in November 2014. Up until now, I haven't received my backpay yet. I contacted a Teletech's online HR team and told me that it wasn't processed because my Sup didn't create a backpack ticket. Unfortunately, my Sup already resigned and is now working at another company.

  3. Pardon me, DISM means?

  4. Hi i just need your assistance and guidance on my case. October 1 2015 i had sore eyes and i had my eyes checked, i was advised to take rest for a week and was told to have my follow up checkup after a week. I visited my Doctor again on the 8th of October and said that my eyes aren't well so my Doctor gave me another week of rest due to acute Bacterial conjuctivitis. Went back again to my doctor to have my eyes checked. She advised me to go back to work (fit to work) on October 19th. Came monday, october 19th i reported back to work, but our company nurse had sent me home, my right eye is still red. But before he sent me home, he put on some drops on my eyes, i was under observation for 15mins, he was checking if the redness would subside but apparently it did not. So he made a sent home slip, gave me and my supervisor a copy. The following day, October 20th, i didn't text my supervisor that i will not be able to come to work because i thought that they knew it that i will not be able to make it since i was sent home the other day. I admit it that i was not able to text them on these dates, oct 20, 21, 22. And on the 23rd, they told me that I was tagged or they were supposed to send me Return To Work Order. October 26th i finally went back to work. But came payday which is the 30th, my salary wss put on hold without my knowledge and wothout them telling me that i will not be receiving my pay last Oct.30. Our HR talked to me and said that my pay will be released next payout which is on the 15th. I don't know what step/s i should take here. I need your legal advice please. How can i cope until the 15th of November? I just felt it was so unfair on my part, i didnt even received any RTWO letter.

    Your help will highly be appreeciated. Thank you!

  5. Hi, the links for the decision do not work. it only says Preview Not Available.


  7. thank you for your comments i read through it..and now im on process filing a case to the company im working with .. going to nlrc tom ..with your statement i am very much confident.

  8. Hi. I just need an advise. Im a call center agent. I took calls for over 7 months and got promoted as one of the SMEs. There was no proper training of the program. I only took an examination for knowledge check and interview. We also had an orientation together with my co-SMEs, Group Leader and our Operations Manager and was told that we will be handling a team as an intern for 3 months and will be certified as an official SME.Three months had passed and I was confirmed as a certified SME. I waited and assisted a team for over 8 months and nothing happened my certification. We were even informed during the orientation that after 3 months of being an intern, we will receive a role allowance of 2 thousand pesos but i just waited for nothing. Until such time that the account had to reduce people and I was told that my status will be back on the phone to help out the staffing. I was called by my OM to formally announce that i needed take calls again. During that meeting, I raised my concern regarding my certification because I wanted to have my experience reflect on my COE and she informed me that she'll immediately inform my GL about it but still nothing happened. I waited again for nothing. Now they had finally announce that the account will be closed by June. I felt like they were just using me and took advantage of my kindness and patience. Now i feel uncomfortable of going back to work because of my situation. I only want my experience to be on a piece of paper for a proof that i have handled a team for 8 months before the account will be closed. Please give me an advise.

  9. outdate links saan ung actual info ng case?

  10. hi i need help hope i can talk to someone that can help me regarding this issue im working in a bpo industry im still a trainee taking calls what happen is one manager pulled me out because of my one call that cause a huge impact to our account i told them what happen that i just follow the instruction of my support still they serve me an notice to explain and suspend me right away even though they were able to see it clearly in cctv who's assisting me please help me here's my email or contact me in this # 09162954777

  11. Hi! Is this page still active? I am seeking assistance with my current work. I'd like to file an immediate resignation but the company wouldn't allow me to. Can you help me please?

  12. hi, we filled case last Feb., 2016..we just received notice from SIXTH DIVISION saying that this is for "ENTRY OF JUDGEMENT". what this means and how long the process will take., we hope and wait for your response..thank you..


  13. I am a call center newbie. I've been with 2 centers.
    Can you give me advise and what should I do about this concern:

    I've been having my training with this center for about a week. On our 4th day we need to have our medical examination and the result was after 3 days. I've been pulled iut of my training because I need to pass a medical clearance ( d ko na sasabihin specific reason ) . It takes me 2 or 3 weeks to complete the medical clearance because of laboratory examination and as well as money ( laki ng nagastos ko ). Then I already pass the medical clearance sa clinic and they said I will be receiving a call or message if the doctor already examine my medical clearance but i didn't receive any message or call so I go back after 3 days and the clinic told me that I am fit to work already that I only need to wait for their call again if I am already been rescheduled but I didn't get any call or message again. March 26, 2018 ( Monday ) I receive a call from recruitment area about my concern of being reschedule but then they told me that I am no longer allowed to be on their company and I need to apply after 6 months. The reason is because of my performance during 1 week training.

    • The standard period of training is 6 weeks and can be extended up to 12 weeks. But they terminate me because of 1 week performance.
    • It is very unfair for me that I didn't receive any call or message saying that I fail from training so that I don't need to waste my time, effort and money to have my medical clearance.
    • If they informed me about the training result earlier I dont need to waste money and I can apply to different center. :'(
    • Do you think what they've done is fair??

  14. wow! pertandingan yang sangat seru dari meron dan wala untuk anda yang mau menonton klik disini!
    dan dapatkan seputar sabung ayam hanya di sini

  15. Hi kanino po kaya ako mkhingi ng tulong? Recently po ngfile po ako ng resignation dahil di nman po ako nabigyan ng work ng bpo ko. I receive from them certificate of separation and zero backpay. I asked them bakit walang backpay? Sabi negative daw account ko sa kanila. I asked them bakit negative my salary was from 28000 binabaan nila ng 23000 to 25000. Sabi nila sakin give them proof kasi wala na daw cla copy ng payslip ko.

  16. Hi..good day! I just want to know kung pede po ireklamo ung employer na sobrang tagal magbigay ng backpay. I was advised to wait for 45days. Nagclearance aku last Feb 11. Supposedly dapat meron na pero nireply wala sila sinesend sakin. Nakailang email n ako.

  17. Hello good day.
    Is this page still active ?
    Gusto ko sana malaman about bereavement leave. So my grandmother just died April 2019 and I was able to file my leave for 3 days. Ngayun nag file ako and gusto ko magamit yung 2 days remaining. My supervisor declined the request.
    As far as I know pwede gamitin ang BL kahit hindi consecutive, any advise po?

  18. hi pwede b ako mag file ng kaso about medical issues since hindi sinunod ng company ang medical certificate given by the physician

  19. Hi good day. I saw your number on one of the articles i've been reading. They said you are giving free legal advice for those who filed or will file cases against their bpo employers. I just want to ask for an advive with mine. So I was terminated last nov 8, 2019. While my husband is in the hospital fighting for his life, he was terminally ill. The reason why they terminated me, is because of the case that happened in May, illegal outbound call, i already explained it that there is a valid explanation on that. Reason for that to be exonerated. Then, to my surprise, they served the same complaint on october of same year. And this time the manager and hr rep who handle the case before is no longer connected with Concentrix, and the one's handled it recently are entirely new and doesn't even have any idea about the case, so they dont have the evidences i provided the last time. They reiterate that it was a behavioral thing coz it happened feb, march, april and may. When all of those complaints were explained and justified by myself and was exonirated by the former manager and Hr manager.
    I already filed case in Nlrc. Illegal dismissal and moral damages are the case i filed. Question is, what should i do to make sure that i will win. This is no longer my fight , but with my husband's. I promise that i will win the case before we lost him last nov 27, few weeks after they terminated me.
    I hope you can help me. I stopped working because i am waiting for a response from NLRC. I've got 2 kids to take care all by myself. I hope somebody or someone help me with this case. Thank you and God bless.

    Pls feel free to shoot me an email.


  20. parang hindi na nagrereply sa mga comments.

  21. I am impressed by the information that you have on this blog. It shows how well you understand this subject. دعوى مطالبة مالية

  22. Hi I am experiencing discrimination related with my mental condition. I am perfectly sane and I'm doing pretty well. I aced the interviews, assessment and virtual exam. My portfolio accentuated my tenure years in the Field or Lob. I even received sweet congratulations from the recruitment and other folks. One chat flabbergasted me as I failed and no way to be hired because of my mental disorder diagnosis which was from more than 10 years. It may be incurable but I learned to mange and control it. It took me awhile to accept my condition and live a conventional life. I was judged, deciphered and excluded because of my mental condition. I made things clear to them and I am transparent hence I shared it. What happened to this new passed law Mental health Act. Nobody deserves such rejection. Help me pls

  23. Hi, Id like a consultation about being on Floating on BPO. They can't even process pay from leave credit we have.


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