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Mysterious Call Center Stories

Since Halloween is fast approaching we decided to share with you some of the "mysterious" or "scary" stories that all of us might have encountered in the workplace and we decided to give a little twist.

1. One time I was tasked to monitor our queue and my TL advised me to go on aux meeting he showed me the monitoring software and how it's being used.

I was closely looking on the screen then something changed on the image I was really nervous to look at the screen but out of curiosity I still decided to take a peek. I saw the name of Denise at the bottom of the call queue with 0:00 avail time. Scary!

2. Denis was having a heated conversation with his caller and wanted to escalate the issue to our supervisor however, all of the supervisors were not available and the SME’s kept on telling him to de-escalate the issue. I saw the worried look on his face and asked him if he’s okay he nodded and told me he would take care of it. Just 5 seconds after he sat down I hear him said “Mr. Customer here’s what where going to do” all of a sudden I hear him doing our opening spiel he’s previous customer was gone. Creepy!

3. This happened last year around October in one of the meeting rooms, our team stats were down for the month and all of us have incurred tardiness which exceeds the company thresholds. While we are waiting for our TL to arrive in the meeting room we heard low voices coming from the door. We wanted to know if there are people outside the meeting room then all of a sudden we see movements and the whole team were silent all we hear is the creepy sound of the door opening slowly. We were relieved that it was just our TL and the other voice was of the HR personnel. My TL gently raised his hands; he was holding an envelope with three letters written on the front that reads NTE. Frightening!

4. It was a slow day in the office there were only few people taking up calls because workforce team has miscalculated the volume of calls for today so agents were forced to file VTO. It was so quiet that you can hear the footsteps of the employees from the next floor. I was busy logging my call then I heard a loud scream. The sound of the scream gets louder and louder as it becomes nearer to me; I decide to be fearless and looked where the loud sound is coming from. Someone was shouting my name it was the workforce, I checked my AVAYA and saw that I was on ACW for almost 5 minutes. I was so scared I immediately pressed auto in. Terrifying!
5. We all know that there are some things that could be frightening, like Annabelle the doll which is inhabited by an “inhuman spirit”. Little that we know that there are stuffs in our office that can be possessed by unwanted spirits. Here’s my story, I went to our office pantry so that I can leave my packed lunch in the fridge. As lunch time is about to start I decided to check my food, when I opened the fridge door the light inside the ref was blinking as if it’s starting to get busted, as I slowly reach my lunch box I felt something was wrong, I was shocked and confused because the food was half eaten. I think I’m still lucky because most of the time this “fridge ghost” would take away everything. I asked my manager and he said that there's an "aswang" employee that disguises and turns into a black cat. Amazing!

Do you have any "mysterious" or "scary" stories that happened in the workplace? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. I was expecting a real horror or scary story like a ghost or something like the ever so famous Jun Jun since it’s almost Halloween. The stories above are common practices of agents or usually what happens on the operation area, like releasing calls and pretending to still talking to the customer as well as stolen food or drinks in the refrigerator. I'm not sure if the above stories are scary or mysterious, I'm confused. Is this supposed to be a joke or what, I don't get this article.

  2. Thanks for your feedback. Since most of the stories during this time of the year are real scary stories we tried to be different by giving it a twist.

  3. I was expecting something scary lol

    1. Here you go Jek have a great shift he's under your desk right now. LOL [img][/img]


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