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BPO Job Seeker Victimized by Fake Recruiter Modus: Alleged Suspect Caught on Video

A BPO job seeker looking for non-voice post was victimized by a woman named "Grace" who pretended to be a recruiter from Sykes. The alleged suspect will first get your trust and ask for your number. “Grace” would then send you a message that you are hired for a non-voice post and you are required to change clothes “Grace” would then accompany you to the store to buy a clothes and once you are inside the dressing room the alleged suspect would run away together with your belongings. 
Here's the photo of alleged suspect named Grace

See the story below from Facebook user Dennis O.
The woman who kept on smiling at her approached her and introduced herself as “Grace” [Obviously not her real name] and asked: “Oh kumusta? tanggap ba?” [How did it go? Were you hired?] My wife replied: “Hindi eh, wala daw silang non-voice ngayon.” [No, they dodn't have any non-voice account at the moment.] My wife then decided to leave Sykes recruitment office and head home, Grace then followed her outside and asked: “San ka pupunta?” [Where are you going?"] My wife replied: “Kakain lang nagugutom ako eh” [I'll get something to eat, I'm hungry.] She then suggests: “Tara kain tayo nagugutom din ako eh.” [Let's eat together, I'm hungry as well.] She also added: “Tiga Isabela ka diba? Tiga Cabagan ako” [You're from Isabela right, I'm from Cabagan.] [An information that she might have collected while inside the recruitment office.] My wife thinking that this “Grace” was just being friendly since they are both Ilocana agreed to eat with her. She then told my wife that she had to go to the ladies’ washroom first. [Possibly dodging the obvious CCTV camera infront of Starbucks at the main entrance of Worldwide Corporate Center.] Then they went to the foodcourt, where the CR is located, and my wife suggested eating at McDonald’s instead since it’s just beside the exit. Grace then replied that she didn’t like the burgers at McDonald’s and wanted to eat at Star Mall food court. They left Worldwide Corporate Center from the exit beside McDo and headed towards Star Mall. At around 3:15pm they were inside Star Mall, my wife bought Zagu and this “Grace” is now asking her a lot of questions [her age, where she's from, where she's living in the city]. She was fishing for more information that she could use to win my wife’s complete trust. She even took advantage of the fact that they are both Ilocana and was conversing with my wife in their local tongue.
At 3:35pm Grace decides to eat at Jollibee and they are both seen entering the store. Inside, Grace picks a spot to sit and asks for my wife’s number claiming that she is an employee of Convergys for 5 years and that they can look for a job together. Trusting that this is the case, my wife gave her number. She then decides to order and even asked my wife if she wanted anything but she declined. She went to the counter to order her food and after a few minutes went back and left her bag on their table and hurried back to the counter to get what she ordered, my wife then noticed that she received a message from a recruiter from Sykes named Grace [there's really a recruiter with this name] telling her to return at 4:30pm for a non-voice job interview and that she should be wearing casual clothes and no jewelries was allowed. This “Grace” got back and my wife even showed the message to her. Grace then said that she also has a final interview which was at 5:00pm. My wife noticing that it’s unusual for a recruiter to require you to change clothes for an interview voiced out her suspicion [She even sent me a message which I replied "Give me the number and I'll call that recruiter"] but this Grace insisted that sometimes they do if the client is strict. A 2nd text then came in telling her that she should be wearing a white blouse, a skirt, and a pair of stockings. This time Grace was more persuasive and encouraged her to just buy from the stores inside the mall and that she will accompany her. My wife was half-hearted into doing this but this Grace was pushy and really wanted her to go to the interview. Grace was finally able to lure my wife into buying the required dress code. They went to a store called “Zhienelle’s” where she tried out a few blouses. The fitting room was small and cramped up, she had to put her bag outside the fitting room on a chair just inches away from her. She was mindful of her bag while trying on the clothes and did not close the curtain completely. The saleslady then handed her a new blouse to try on along with the skirt and stockings. The saleslady shut the curtain completely and this “Grace” took the opportunity to grab my wife’s bag and quickly leave the store. My wife noticed that her bag is missing and this “Grace” is nowhere to be seen. She now felt a sense of emergency and quickly asked the saleslady where she went, the saleslady said that she left and told her that she’d go and buy some shoes. At this point the suspect exited the mall and hurriedly went to the MRT according to witnesses. We lost her wedding ring, engagement ring [It's only a couple of months since we got married], earrings, watch, phone, cash. Her important documents are also in the bag [Birth Certificate, Passport, Diploma, Certifications, Curriculum Vitae]. We fear that she might fall victim to identity theft and they might use these on her/their next victim/s.

1. “Grace”
2. Possibly in her late 20′s
3. 4’11″ – 5’0″ in height
4. Fair complexion
5. Is an “Ilocana” [she speaks Ilocano fluently] 6. Claims that she is from Cabagan, Isabela.
If you know this person or have seen her, please feel free to send me a message or comment below. Footage from Jollibee Star Mall. She is seen texting and placing an order [Girl wearing glasses, black blazers, pink shirt].
video from when in manila Youtube channel


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